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got my first ever anon hate, level up! it was related to my ‘skinny’ comic. i’m not going to post it in case it triggers anyone, but in case whoever sent it checks back, here’s my response. (tw food)

  • being thin is neither necessarily healthy nor unhealthy. all bodies are different.
  • i didn’t call anyone’s body unhealthy but my own.
  • because, when i was as thin as the comic described, i literally was not eating. i didn’t eat solids for three weeks.
  • other people eat lots and are as thin as i was then. some bodies are just like that - go figure. they are neither better nor worse than any other bodies. people should eat when they need and not eat when they don’t and exercise when they can and not aspire to a particular size. even if everyone ate the same and exercised the same we’d still all look different as everyone has a different natural shape. 
  • if you are unhealthy, your body is still not something you should be ashamed of. no body ever deserves shame. it is not always possible to be healthy. poor health is not a sign of failure. being unhealthy does not make you ugly or less worthy.
  • but nor does being thin make you beautiful, and glorifying thinness does a lot of damage to the people for whom it is very unhealthy to be that size.

thank you and goodnight!

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